Is there any age you want to reach, and you’re asking yourself what the means by which you can reach it are?

Controlling your age became a reality thanks to the businesman Ion Vinaga and DAYS Capital AG, that bring to the table the way artificial intelligence is involved in the medicine of the future. The idea of the project, as authors say, emerged from the natural development of humanity in the field of technology over the past years. With the development of increasingly sophisticated algorithms, our life was supposed to essential changes. With the ease of living, appears a natural wish to extend the lifetime and to control it.


How Does It Work?

The project bases on a collaboration of 5 fundamental pillars that have the power to transform today civilization:

Biotechnologies, Nanotechnologies, Information Technologies, Neurotechnology, Quantum Technologies.

Five pillars – 5 elements

Atoms, bits, Genes, quantum bits, neurons. Based on genetic analysis of each patient, doctors provide information about the body’s predisposition to certain diseases. Thus, based on the held information, we create strategies and prevention treatments. All patients will receive daily forecasts, based on control of any deviations of healthcare indices.

What will the final result be?

The resulting product will be a folder of your life, so-called LiFE MAP. This represents your device that includes all services in connection with health. It also can be accessed on your smartphone. Thus, you can at any time find the level of activity of your brain, glucose level, pulse frequency, in fact, all the information you need depending on the indices you get.

How can you take advantage?

Knowing what the risks you are inclined to are, you will decide together with your doctor your treatment. You’ll discuss risk factors that must be avoided, in other words, you’ll be able to control all the processes affecting your lifetime.

The DAYS Capital AG offer includes the opportunity to become a contributor of Blockchain platform that is being created, which gives you the chance to take advantage of the free product that will be achieved. The project also includes the possibility to earn coins daily for your loyalty; which later can be turned into medical packages worth up to 500,000 euros or which can be exchanged for goods or services.

Invest in the medicine of future and start to take care of your health today!