The space has been getting more and more appealing in the last decades. Now, there is nothing unreal about sending your thoughts… on the moon. For Moldova, this has become possible due to the ambition and the spectacular abilities of four young people, from Chisinau, part of the „Amirah Invest” team.

Sounds Impossible? But It Is True!

Through a specially created website and a coin-shaped object made of a special material that will withstand the environment of the moon, earthly messages will be recorded on the satellite of our planet.

The S.R.L. „Amirah Invest” is honored to have been given the opportunity to buy the right to send the first message to the moon and at the same time is extremely proud of the success of our fellow countrymen because they have been successful in realizing such a unique project.

Thus, in the first quarter of 2020, due to contracts signed with NASA and Astrobotic, the earthly message will be shipped to the moon on a rocket’s board.

The first words to be embedded on the special coin will be the very name of Amirah Invest, which has bought the right to send the first message on the moon.

Why Is Sending The First Message On The Moon Such An Important Success?

Everyone knows how important it is for any company, business, society etc. to be part of something new, to participate directly at a unique event and, to some extent, to get the chance to leave their mark in history.

The year 2020 will be a memorable one for all of humanity and an important step towards a promising future, of which S.R.L. Amirah Invest will be part of.

By purchasing the right to send the first words engraved on the special coin, the first message on the moon, Amirah Invest got the chance to be memorized for a long time. Contributing to the opening of a new chapter for human society in general is hard to ignore because it encourages dreams about a better modern society and new horizons.

Also, it is of utmost importance for the representatives, team and company’s name that through this message, a whole world will find out about a group of people with broad visions, not just a company providing services or claiming the right of the first message on the moon, but also a company that wants a bright, truly developed future. The limits of human existence are seriously provoked by the vertiginous evolution of technologies, and people have to understand this now, in order to not lag behind.

The whole team is extremely proud of the opportunity to mark an important point of evolution, history and, last but not least, of a new era for the whole mankind.