According to studies carried out in recent years, uncured chronic diseases during the years, in particular the cardiovascular ones, represent the primary cause of deaths worldwide. This is why prevenance and therapy in the early stages of a disease are the guarantors of a healthy life. This idea led to the emergence of a new concept in medicine, 4P medicine, promoted both in Moldova and worldwide by DAYS Capital AG and the Angel Investor Ion Vinaga..

So, What Actually 4P Medicine Is?

4P Medicine, called personalized medicine, is based on 4 fundamental principles: Prevention, Personalization, Prediction, and Participation.


Instead of reacting to the emergence of a disease, often discovered just in advanced stages, personalized medicine grants the recognition of persons with a high risk of illness in order to take preventive measures. There are more than 1600 tests which reveal genetic susceptibility for a specific health problem, from hearing loss to cardiac arrest. Based on the human genome, doctors will be able to choose some personalized strategies for disease prevenance. In this way, the treatment of a specific disease can be prevented or significantly reduced. În acest domeniu se încearcă ca pacientul să fie tratat în funcție de particularitățile organismului său, și nu bazat pe un model care printr-un anumit număr de încercări a avut succes la alții cu aceeași boală


Within the personalized medicine, doctors’ attention is focused on the patient, on his lifesltyle and his own genetic fund but not on the disease itself. In this field doctors try to treat the illness depending on peculiarities of pacient’s body, but not based on a well-known model which through a certain number of attempts has been successful to others with the same illness. As there have been discovered the genes involved in the conversion of drugs, it became evident why some substances seem not to have any effect to some patients, causing adverse events to other patients. Adaptation of the right treatment is the priority in 4P Medicine.


4P Medicine allows doctors to predict a patient’s illness evolution and its changing while it follows the prescribed treatment. For example, MammaPrinteste represents a test originary from Netherlands that uses a profile of 70 genes in order to assess the risk of remote metastases at patients with breast cancer in the early stages.


Personalized Medicine is focused on patient and involves him directly in the process of maintaining his own health. Thus, knowing the risks to which he may be subjected, the patient can manage his activities and lifestyle in order to speed up the process of his recovery. Patients become aware of the responsibility that they have on the quality of their life and get involved personally.

Personalized medicine represents a concept that can transform human civilization, making medicine more accessible and closer to humans. Its promoter the businessman Ion Vinaga and DAYS Capital AG, support the endeavor of adaptation of medicine to new technologies and trends. Ensure your future and contribute to the upgrading of life ’s level of each of us with 4P now!