Days is the initiative that aims to improve the quality of life and health services. In Moldova, Days is promoted by DAYS Capital AG’s co-founder, Ion Vinaga. After becoming an investor or contributor of the platform, you get some loyalty points daily. You can convert these loyalty points into medical services, some medical products included in the package or they can be sold. In 2019 the contributors wil receive Days Exchange some services for free, some at half of ther price.

The most prominent ventors from all over the world have invested thousands and millions in this project that aim to enhance the quality of life. Some of them are:

Peter Thiell

Widely known as a PayPal co-founder, which is the largest company of online processing payments, owned by tech giant eBay. At the moment, PayPal has over 192 million users. Peter Thiel supports a lot of initiatives that aim to fight aging. That is why he became the project’s Investor of Days. He is one of the main sponsors of Methuselah Foundation and 14 other startups dealing with regenerative medicine. The amount invested by him in fighting aging exceeds 3 billion dollars.

Arthur Levinson

Is CEO of Calico – California Life Company. This research Company was founded on Google’s initiative to combat age-related diseases. Google has invested more than $240 million in this project.

Bill Marris

president and managing partner of Google Ventures By the courtesy of his position, he invested in anti-aging startups and life sciences nearly 2 billion. He seems to be sure of the results of all research in the field, „I just hope to live long enough not to die.”

Craig Venter

known in particular for the Human Genome project that he was involved in, the result of which was the discovery and publication of the human genome sequence. The sequence obtained during the project is considered good for the entire humanity and was deposited in the Genbank database. Craig Venter is also the founder of Human Longevity Inc., a biotechnology company, which work is based on the genome research, and its mission is to change people’s understanding and approach to aging. He invested more than 70 million in this area.

Larry Ellison, fondatorul Oracle

Oracle’s founder, has donated more than $430 million in anti-aging research.

Technology giants have allied to fight the problems of age, trying to say NO to aging. We can turn the current 50 in future 80. Become a contributor to Days Exchange project and be a part of tomorrow’s civilization!